April 21, 2011

A comprehensive guide to India


More and more, foreigners are coming to India for reasons other than sightseeing.

Business wise, India is opening up and international companies are testing the waters.  Foreign companies, large and small, are sending employees from abroad to live and work in India.  Foreign consultants are coming.  So are specialist, educators, trainers, and others.

These people are making India their home, at least for a while.  More will come.  Similarly, some of the many Indians who have been working or studying abroad are coming home, often after a long absence.  They bring influences from their experiences abroad and are adjusting again to a country that has changed while they were gone.

There is also a large group of urbanites who are very international in awareness and attitude.  This section is for these groups.  Can you get a good wine in India? What about international schools? How do you find a place to live? How do you furnish it? What are the legalities - visas and such? What can you buy here? What about health issues? How do expats and others feel about living here? What is the insider's scoop on life in various cities? What are the best products to buy? These issues, and more, are the kinds we'd like address, and we'd like your input.

This section will grow as we get data and as readers participate. Please send us your opinions and your questions.  Tell us what you'd like to see.  Thanks.

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