April 4, 2011

Twitter Problem Missing Tweets. Overcapacity, Multiple Tweets and Inability to Access Tweets

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! 

Today is a day like no other for Tweet-addict folks like yours truly.

Twitter has been down for like two hours and when it resumed, hell, I encountered several problems. Yesterday however is the most disappointing Tweet problem I have ever experienced in nearly a year of maintaining my account.

Let me count these issues for you:

1. Missing Tweets. Yesterday, I was tweeting my heart out, ranting all over again while at the same time, uplifting everybody's spirits by stressing that everyday should be a happy day when... lo and behold... I realized I was missing more than 3,000 tweets! Yesterday afternoon I was like around 4,580 Tweets when, for no apparent reason, my stats went down the drain to only 919 Tweets! I was like "THIS IS RIDICULOUS!" I love my Tweets, folks, I love them, the same way you love your boyfriend. My tweets serve as my mini blog, spur of thoughts, the random-est of my musings, abrupt anger and instant compassion. My tweets reveal what I want and what I am made of as well. My tweets do represent my loyalty to Twitter, too. I am at this stage wherein tweeting seems imperative, a part of my daily scheme. Then what??? Disappointing, really...(As of the moment, the support team of Twitter has not returned my missing tweets but promised they would be back to my account. Apparently, a lot of Tweet Peepz have experienced this dilemma).

The Tweet Effect

2. Twitter Crashes. Yeah, this is the over capacity issue. Two hours (or more). Trending topic now. Need I say more?

3. Multiple Tweets. Are your Tweet pals flooding? Nah, don't think so. Twitter's been acting crazy like what I am saying. It seems the system autopopulates and then, bam! There you go, multiple tweets that look so desperate. It's like your mother, saying the same things over and over again as if you've got Alzheimer's. Duh.

4. Can't access your username mentions/replies. It just happened to me now and it's frustrating. First thing upon signing in: Check @hybridcha for my friends' replies/messages. It was unbearable that even this part is sabotaged. Thank goodness that after 48 years, this is fixed. Whew! Classic.

Which of these problems have you/are you experiencing on your Twitter account? Was it fixed already? What can you say about this? 

As for me, I love Twitter. I really do. I hope the company (that operates it) does everything to maintain the site's competence. Otherwise, lose our (Tweet folks) confidence.


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