April 4, 2011

Ra One’s video game

When it comes to promoting his projects, Shahrukh Khan believes in taking a step further. He is leaving no stones unturned to create the curiosity for his forthcoming ambitious project ‘Ra.One’. A game, based on the Play station format, is being created in Los Angeles, which will have two main characters as Ra.One and This fight game will also have other fighters too.

The game has been conceptualized by SRK himself who is taking keen interest in the development of the video game. The game has something unique for every age group at home. It will be available at many outlets even before the film hits the theatres. Shah Rukh has also ensured that Arjun’s and his characters in the game will have not only the same look but also the same weapons, which their characters carry in the film. The flick seems to be a hit even before it hits the screen!!

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