March 30, 2011

AR Rahman modifies CWG theme song

AR Rahman modifies  CWG theme song 
AR Rahman modifies New Commonwealth Games Theme Song. Indian Music composer AR Rahman finally reworked for his composition after the theme song, “Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto” to Oh yaaro, yeh India bula liya to. AR Rahman is now confident this time to fulfill his promise of making the CWG theme song better than Shakira’s football World Cup anthem Waka Waka. AR Rahman previous CWG theme song 2010 faced

criticism over his composition, which failed to impress the people. AR Rehman tweaked version of his song, which has become “peppier” now Prasoon Josh, Lyricist revealed that AR Reman tweaked the song to Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto to ‘Ph Yaaro, Yeh India Bula Liya’ make it peppier, shorter and tighter. AR Rahman took six months to complete the composition, which came at a price of Rs 5 crore. The new CWG Theme song video will be released within a week.

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