March 30, 2011

Priyanka Chopra Goes For Love Marriage

Bollywood stunning actress Priyanka Chopra (commonly known as Piggy Chops), who is brimming with pride following the stupendous success of her last release “Kaminey”, is in the news again with her other movie “What’s Your Raashee”? releasing tomorrow, 25 September. She has thrown up a surprise just before its release by saying that she would go for a love marriage.

Priyanka Chopra is miffed by the rumours of her affair with her co-stars from Akshay Kumar to Shahid Kapoor to Harman Baweja. She hates reading them. She also asked how a father would react to the rumours of his daughter having a string of affairs.

The former beauty queen assured that she would announce on the roof top with great pride if she gets in to a relationship. She however added that she would go for a love marriage with the consent of her parents.

Well, love marriage with parents consent! Piggy Chops will surely make a good diplomat.

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