March 30, 2011

Theme Song of Common Wealth Games -CWG | From A,R.Raheman

Theme Song of Common Wealth Games CWG  | From A,R.Raheman

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Delhi, 16th August 2010. The Common Wealth Games 2010 which is organised in Delhi thsi year is near to get started. It is the next month when the Event will start. In the preparations the CWG Theme Song has been also proposed by the Legendary and the Oscar Winning Singer A.R.Rahman.

A.R Rahman told media that he submitted his Theme Song to the Organising Committee of the CWG and they have also approved the song but said that Rahman would have to sing it before the CWG Opening Ceremony.

Answering to the media on the ocassion of the CWG Theme Song launch he said that he would present the song in front of all after all the corrections. He said that CWG Theme song that is Common Wealth Games 2010

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