March 29, 2011

Nokia to Replace 7210 Chargers In India

Nokia has announced a charger exchange program for Nokia 7210 Supernova handset. For India, the charger exchange program is limited to Nokia 7210 models bought after June 15 and AC-3E charger models. The charger can be exchanged at Nokia Care Centers, calling up Nokia Care Centers or filling up contact details at Nokia's Charger Exchange program site.

Nokia claims that potential product quality issue was identified during routine quality control process of the chargers manufactured by third-party suppliers. The plastic housing of these chargers would become lose to expose the internal components. Such exposure raises high level of potential electric shock hazard when touched when the charger is plugged in a live socket.

Limited number of chargers model AC-3E were manufactured by third party manufacturer between June 15 and Aug 9 of this year. So far no complaints against any mishaps caused due to bad quality charger housing has been reported. Nokia plays safe by recalling faulty chargers in exchange for free ones.

Those who've purchased Nokia 7210 AFTER June 15 can follow three methods to exchange their charger for a new one for free. Again, this exchange program is for charger model AC-3E.
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A) SMS method

  • Check the 27-digit code printed on the back of the charger like - 4956279274091613752;0675370. Then type out message:

space <27-digit code on back of your charger here>

Type only the characters in < > brackets and not the word space in the SMS.

  • Send it to number: 55555
  • Nokia Care Center will reply that message by SMS informing of the charge is eligible for Exchange program or not.

B) Walk-in to Nokia Care Centers and Nokia Priority Dealers to get your charger checked and then exchanged if included in this exchange program.

C) Visit and fill in charger details to verify if the charger is included in exchange program.

If the 27-digit code is not present then it's likely that you've a duplicate charger. Nokia recommends exchange of the included chargers at the earliest.

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